Heights Hospitality Group

We seek out hotel opportunities in the following categories: 20-100 unit multifamily buildings in highly desirable locations that have the ability to be converted to short term rentals; 30-200 key hotel assets with the ability to upgrade management, branding, programming or physical characteristics to improve overall cash flow.

Fort Worth

Sugarmans Lounge

A modern take on the classic speakeasy, giving revelers a sense of history with a contemporary spin. Located on the ground floor at Hotel Revel, Sugarman’s provides revelers a place to sit, enjoy great cocktails and soak in the southside vibe.

Fort Worth

Hotel Revel

Revel in contemporary quarters and a polished boutique hotel featuring an independent stay experience nestled in Fort Worth's trendy Near Southside district.

Fort Worth

Cast and Hook

Seafood Kitchen + Raw Bar at Hotel Revel

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