Heights Hospitality is a hotel and restaurant management company that thrives on creatively reworking old and new properties into engaging, exciting and thoughtful spaces; whether it’s a penthouse suite, a speakeasy bar, or a lobby cafe. Our tireless pursuit of good design, unique programming, and authentic service is at the heart of our mission. We don’t have a formula or brand guide. Each project is a unique expression of its architecture, community aspiration, and natural programming. We engage plans with a holistic understanding to execute a seamless product and service experience from the outside-in.


Our team is comprised of seasoned hospitality professionals that has one goal, which is to go above and beyond the expectations of every guest, every time. We display a positive attitude and deliver exemplary service while providing superior accommodations and a memorable hospitality experience for our guests.

Since 2019, we have proudly continued to uphold our commitment of service - to our guests, to our team and to our community alike. We believe with hard work, professional performance and dedication to our core values, this will continue to be our cornerstone of success and that it speaks in magnitude as to who Heights Hospitality is and what our company stands for.


The secret to success is our people. The future of our hotels and restaurants, as well as the future of each employee, depends on how well we work together to satisfy our guests. This is the first priority of every member of our team. Our professional performance and positive attitude help us create the best possible environment for both employees and guests, which contribute to the overall success of our company.


We create value for our guests through our delivery of exceptional service. The prosperity of the company depends upon making sound decisions that balance guest delight, employee satisfaction and financial performance.


A) Good design that is accretive to the site and wider landscape; B) Good business results that brings about strong partner, stakeholder and employee loyalty; C) Guest and community satisfaction for a product they are proud to call their own

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